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A better look at Home Inspection

with T.H.I.S.

What is T.H.I.S?

Modern Technology

We utilize Drone Technology for high resolution photos and videos for roof inspections from the air.  NO  exemptions, limitations or partial inspections.  All inspectors are FAA, UAC certified licensed pilots for safe operation.

Custom Reporting Software

The product is the report!

T.H.I.S. incorporates a custom software tool as an integrated part of the home inspection process.

The report is built in real time during the inspection process and is available for review with a client and sent electronically to the client immediately upon completion

Inspections for both buyers and sellers

For the majority of us, our home or a property represents one of the largest investments we make. With the ravages of time, weather, and the enthusiastic D.I.Y. home owner your home will change.

Let T.H.I.S. inspect your home and provide valuable information to help 

you, the seller or buyer, evaluate the property, and empower you with informed decisions.


Who is T.H.I.S.?

A locally owned and operated business located in Santa Cruz serving Santa Cruz county and Monterey County.

The Home Inspection Service (T.H.I.S.) was developed to bring greater value to a home inspection service by investments in training, technology, professionalism, and support to the home seller, the home buyer, and our real estate partners.

T.H.I.S. gives back to the community by donating $25.0 from every home inspection fee to the SPCA in Santa Cruz

I am trained through the inspection certification associate school (ICA), American society of home inspectors (ASHI) and ASHI member. FAA certified drone (UAC) pilot, and continue my education through ASHI continued education credits (CEC).



Do I want T.H.I.S?

What do we inspect

Gutters, built-in drains, siding, window, screens, doors, vehicle doors and their automatic openers.

Roof: roofing material, structure, jacks, flashing, gutters, soffets, ventilation, Attic,skylights,vents,chimneys

HVAC: Furnaces and/or heating systems, venting, AC units, exhaust fans, ducting, condensate systems, thermostats and a limited inspection of the fireplace.

Plumbing: Water heaters, gas pipes, water supply lines, waste lines, faucets, valves, vents, and washer / dryer connections.

Electrical: Service lines, grounding, panel boxes, circuit breakers, visible wiring, conduits, lighting fixtures and outlets.

Bathrooms: Tubs / showers, toilets, bidets, sinks, vanitites, cabinets, ventilation, walls, floors, proper caulking / sealing and fixtures.

Interior: Walls, ceilings, floors, stairs, guardrails, handrails, window and door efficiency.

Kitchen: Oven, range, lighting, ventilation, dishwasher, disposal, compactor, flooring, sinks, counters and proper caulking / sealing.

Structure: Visual portions of the foundation, visual portions of the framing, decks, porches, ventilation, insulation, attic(s), basement, sub-area(s) and evidence of unwanted pest (rodents, termites, vermin, birds, bees, etc.).



All Terrain Robot


Locally owned and operated

Santa Cruz and Monterey county 

Friends of T.H.I.S.

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How do I get T.H.I.S?


I want some more of T.H.I.S. If you have questions, comments, or would like a quote: Please call 714 315 3933, email me:, or complete the inquiry box and hit give me more of T.H.I.S.

Success! Message received.

Where is T.H.I.S.

680 Dove Lane




TEL: 714 315 3933


T.H.I.S. partners with SPCA

Effective August 2018 T.H.I.S. will donate $25.0 from every home inspection fee to the SPCA in Santa Cruz. Located at 2685 Chanticleer Avenue. Call to learn more about how you can help this great cause. 

Get a quote: 714 315 3933
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